My daughter’s journey with Bello Bambini has been nothing short of exceptional. She embarked on this educational adventure at just 18 months, progressing seamlessly from playgroup to Kindergarten 2. The open and transparent interior structure of the school immediately caught my attention. It’s designed in a way that allows parents to effortlessly observe their child’s activities with no hidden corners, ensuring a secure environment. One outstanding aspect is the direct involvement of the four main teachers, who happen to be the owners and founders. This unique approach minimizes turnover, fostering stability and a strong sense of commitment. The dedication of the teaching staff, coupled with their evident passion for education, is truly commendable. Bello Bambini stands out in terms of academic standards; their curriculum has consistently exceeded my expectations. The school maintains a high level of excellence, ensuring that my daughter is well-prepared for the transition to primary school. This commitment to quality education has given me peace of mind, knowing that she’s not only keeping up but thriving. What sets this preschool apart is its small, family-like scale. This deliberate choice ensures that each child receives personalized attention, fostering a nurturing environment. The school’s emphasis on individualized care contributes to my daughter’s overall development, making her time at Bello Bambini invaluable. In conclusion, my experience with Bello Bambini Montessori has been overwhelmingly positive. It’s a place where safety, stability, academic excellence, and personal attention converge, creating the ideal foundation for a child’s educational journey. I wholeheartedly recommend Bello Bambini to any parent seeking a preschool that goes above and beyond in shaping young minds.” As my daughter bids farewell to Bello Bambini, I can’t help but feel a wave of emotions. Witnessing her growth and development within the nurturing walls of this preschool has been truly heartwarming. It’s not just the end of her preschool journey; it’s a milestone filled with memories, achievements, and the foundation for her future. Thank you, Bello Bambini, for being more than just a preschool but a place that has played a pivotal role in shaping my daughter’s early years. As we embark on this new adventure, the memories and lessons from Bello Bambini will forever hold a special place in our hearts.
-Olethea & Family- (1Jan2024)

Hello incredible Bello Bambini team of teachers.
I was extremely emotional myself on their last day of school. You all are the most incredibly loving teachers and all my 3 girls are so fortunate to have started their educational journey from your tender loving care. Absolutely the best. We are so lucky to have been with bello from the start of your journey with all our 3 kids and wish you all the best and success in future. You have a special group of teachers!
-Ahana, Anaisha & Family- (26Dec2023)

Jia will miss her teachers and friends! She says she will keep in touch and come back to Bello for volunteering opportunities 🙂 Thank you to all the teachers for making her last 5 years enjoyable, rich and memorable with your guidance, love and support!
Thank you.
-Jia & Family- (22Dec2023)

Dearest Bello team,
Thank you for being such wonderful caregivers, guardians, and teachers. We cannot express the gratitude we feel for your care of Venn over the last year.
We have watched our little boy grow from a baby to a happy and confident toddler, expressing himself in the most animated ways. Beyond the educational aspect, we are glad that the school has helped with instilling positive habits in a Montessori style, at a pace most suitable for him. This not only sets a foundation for his early years but are skills that will carry him through life. 
The heartfelt sincerity and warmth extended to both Venn and us as part of the Bello family is very much appreciated. 
Wishing the team all the best and please do stay in touch.
-Venn & Family- (15 Dec2023)

Thank you for taking good care of Gabriella these few years. Appreciate very much.
-Gabriella & Family (30Nov2023)

Siruthi Miraj:

The children starting at Bello Bambini Montessori are very lucky to have the loving and caring teachers at the very beginning of their academic life! All of them with their combined montessori experience and nurturing and empathetic nature will ensure that your child gets the perfect foundation.
Here’s wishing Bello Bambini Montessori a long and strong innings!!!!!!!

~~~~~~~~~~ 24 February  2018

Nidhi Taneja Chaturvedi:

We were blessed to have our children attending the Bello Bambini Montessori Preschool albeit for a short term. This is a great preschool with engaging, dedicated and nurturing teachers. It’s the extra quality care they provide that makes it a special place. They go out of their way to make the children happy at school!

Each day, we heard stories from our children about the fun, adventures and learning that they experienced. Photos and videos of their class routines were shared with us from time to time. The children also loved their holiday camps!

Bello Bambini focuses on the educational needs of each child along with their emotional and social well being.

We can’t thank the teachers enough for the wonderful time they have provided for our children.

~~~~~~~~~~ 15 February  2018

Deborah Fernandex:

After much searching, so happy that I finally found the perfect place for my 2 yo toddler, with experienced teachers I can trust and in a nurturing, warm environment that emphasises all the right values and skills. My daughter has clearly improved in many skill sets, from better listening to an improved focus and concentration. Most importantly, she loves school! Walks… in fact, RUNS in with a big happy smile on her face and is playing happily with others when I pick her up.

Also want to commend the truly authentic Montessori-based approach of the school. The teachers are clearly well-experienced and all the activities I’ve witnessed are true to the principles of the philosophy. Not just that, but the physical structure of the school – wide open spaces, wooden flooring and natural lighting – is also aligned with the Montessori principle of creating a welcoming and calming space, and at the same, encouraging free play and exploration.

Thank you Bello Bambini Montessori for being a wonderful, safe and nurturing place for my young one to grow in!

~~~~~~~~~~ 27 November 2017

Delvin Grewal:

The teachers at Bello Bambini are dedicated and ensure that every child under their care gets the attention they need. They take pride in what they do and offer only the best for the kids and their parents. The teachers communicate with the parents regularly and work with the parents to enhance their child’s developmental progress.

My son who is two and a half years old, enjoyed his time at school and loves his teachers. He even made a couple of good friends and would ask to go to school. The school meets the wants and needs of parents and children. They offer a clean, safe and healthy environment filled with lots of positive energy. There was not a day that my son would be eager to leave school or not want to go to school. The teachers ensure that the children have a positive experience at school and that in my opinion is vital.

Bello Bambini is definitely a good school for children. If I were to move to Singapore permanently, this is the school I would re-enroll my son without hesitation.

To the teachers at Bello Bambini, thank you for making my son’s first formal education a positive experience for him to remember.

~~~~~~~~~~ 17 November 2017