Bello Bambini Montessori’s comprehensive programme for children aged 18 months to 6 years is underpinned by a strong commitment to the Montessori philosophy, employing authentic materials and vibrant programmes that are specifically structured and designed for both individual and group work.

Montessori Practical Life 
Children gain control in the coordination of their movements, and gain independence and learn how to adapt to society. The reason practical life activities are so important is that they help your child develop order, concentration, coordination, and independence. Practical Life Exercises also aid the growth and development of the child’s intellect and concentration and will in turn also help the child develop an orderly and structured way of thinking.

Montessori Sensorial Education
Montessori sensorial activities are those which refine the five senses – tactile, visual, auditory, olfactory, and gustatory senses. Children are particularly receptive to developing their senses from ages 2-6, and it’s important to give children at those ages as many sensorial experiences as possible. Through work with the sensorial materials, the child is given the keys to classifying the things around him, which leads to the child making his own experiences in his environment. Through the classification, the child is also offered the first steps in organizing his intelligence, which then leads to his adapting to his environment.

Montessori Mathematics and Numeracy
Montessori offers the child a strong and solid foundation in the understanding of mathematics. Through each material, the child will learn to count, addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and truly understand what each one means in their deeper sense.

Montessori Language Arts
Language is taught through a specific progression of lessons. Letter sounds are taught first. The child then learns the language phonetically and taught the different “rules” in a given language and the exceptions to those rules they will need to know in order to spell and read fluently.

Montessori Cultural Arts
Unique to the Montessori classroom is a rich cultural curriculum. Experiences in the arts, in dance, and in music are given to the child along with the sciences of life, physical science, history and geography. All of these additional exercises are facilitated with language: an interdisciplinary approach across subjects.

Mandarin Immersion
Immersion in an environment rich with consistent exposure to the language helps children develop their language effectively. We offer full Chinese Language Immersion in all classes across all levels. The Chinese Language teacher speaks and interacts with the children primarily in native Chinese Language.

Holiday Programmes will be offered during the school holidays.​ Watch this space for updates.